Housing REIT


Synergis is available to institutional clients only.

Synergis is an unlisted, open-ended disability housing trust designed to invest in housing for people living with disability across Australia.

Summary and objectives

To deploy $1 billion of capital into residential real estate for Australians living with disability.

Freehold residential real estate

Emerging asset class


of rental payments funded by Federal and State Governments


of target investment over the next 5 years

Performing portfolio diversified by location and tenant

Dual focus on returns and positive social outcomes


Opportunity set is profound

$10 billion total addressable market servicing 28,000 participants who are underserved by existing facilities.

Long-term income focus

Long term, inflation linked Government paid cashflows where the National Disability Insurance Scheme has committed $700 million of annual rental support.

Attractive return potential

Invest in residential real estate at an unlevered yield of 7.5% to 8.0% with likely cap rate compression over time as the industry institutionalises (noting Australian residential cap rates of 3.0% to 4.0%).

Expert partners

Synergis is the landlord only: the care and maintenance of the property is provided by specialist providers and care of the occupant provided by regulated service providers.


For every person living with disability in Australia to have access to high quality, safe, stable and appropriate housing and to set the standard for disability housing in Australia.