Childcare REIT


Sentinel is available to institutional clients only.

Sentinel is an unlisted real estate investment trust that invests and acquires childcare centres across Australia.

Summary and objectives

To deploy $600 million of capital into childcare real estate.

Real estate backed investment

Large total addressable market

Defensive asset class with strong Government support


of target investment over the next 3 years

Performing portfolio diversified by location and tenant

Strong ESG fundamentals


Scalable investment opportunity

Large and fragmented total addressable market estimated at $40 billion.

High return

Develops and acquires assets at attractive valuations which underpins the attractive target return potential of 20% per annum.

Defensive asset class

Significant and growing Government support of >$10 billion per annum and strong demographic tailwinds.

Experienced tenants and robust leases

High quality and experienced tenants, long WALE and net leases with strong rental reviews linked to inflation.


Educating children via sustainable practices and a world-class early learning curriculum, contributing to increasing female workforce participation rates and building new, high-quality centres with a high level of energy efficiency.