Investments II


Federation Alternative Investments II (or, F2) is Federation’s flagship product for retail and wholesale investors provides access to investment grade opportunities otherwise reserved for Federation’s institutional clients.

Compared to listed equities, private equity provides long-term focused investors with:

  • Superior returns
  • Lower volatility
  • Greater number of opportunities

Federation Alternative Investments II is designed to provide retail and wholesale investors with:

  • Access to a diversified portfolio of private equity investments; plus
  • The benefit of monthly liquidity via redemptions

Key documents

Federation Alternative Investments II (F2) has been certified and classified by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia according
to the operational and disclosure practices required under the Responsible Investment Certification Program. Click here to view the
Disclosure Statement.

F2 leverages the Federation team’s expertise across:

Clean power



Disability care

Sectors servicing
an ageing population


Financials and fintech

Summary and objectives

Federation Alternative Investments II, or F2, offers wholesale and retail investors in Australia and New Zealand the following features:

Capital growth over the medium to long-term

ESG-friendly investments Federation is strong at investing in healthcare, technology, financials, sustainable infrastructure, social real estate and other sectors

Monthly liquidity,
subscriptions and pricing

F2 is non-correlated with listed markets. This offers investors diversification from listed shares, with the continued benefit of monthly liquidity

F2 is platform admissible for IDPS and super

Ratings and research


Federation Alternative Investments II (F2) is focused on providing investors a target net return of 15% per annum. 


Federation is an accomplished investor in bull and bear markets. Private equity investment offers access to companies that are diverse in stage of maturity and size, where this access to growth and transformational transactions across the company lifecycle can improve investor returns and provide for diversification benefits.


Our unit pricing is calculated monthly and our most recent pricing is in the table to the right.

Date Unit Class Unit Price
30/06/2024 Retail 1.1923 AUD
30/06/2024 Wholesale 1.1965 AUD