The Federation team enjoys a strong realised track record.


Prior to founding Federation, Federation team members have achieved a 22.7% annualised return on equity investments.


Performance achieved on $4 billion of exited investments.


Federation team members have been investing in Federation’s target sectors for two decades, noting the core team have operated together in various capacities since 2011.


The Federation team has a strong track record investing profitably across all market environments and industry groups.


Pre-Federation performance applies the average 22.7% IRR over the period of time that the Federation team operated together before founding Federation, January 2011 to September 2018. Pre-Federation investments were balance sheet investments. No units were issued and no unit price was recorded. This data has been unitised for comparison purposes only. The return indicated is the Federation team’s estimate of the weighted average investment return achieved on investments made by relevant Federation team member where such team members had a relevant role in contributing to the relevant past performance. Former employers of the Federation team have not provided attribution of the above track record. The track record is provided in aggregate and as a guide only. IRR is weighted on the basis of capital invested per project. Market data sourced from S&P/CapIQ.


Investors should note that the past performance is not a reliable indicator of the future performance of Federation investments. The future performance of Federation investments could be significantly different to the past performance.